How to Remove SNS Nails in 5 Easy Steps

A lot of girls love painting their nails but hate it when it comes to removing it especially glitter-based and dark polishes that is tough to get off. If you don’t end up picking up the last polish in your nail, you end up damaging your nails. There are some nail polishes that are so hard to remove and once you do, they left a yellow tint in your nails that are equally hard to remove. We created a list on how to remove your SNS Nails without taking much effort and damage your nails like scrubbing at them will.

Remove Nails in 5 Easy Steps.jpg

Step 1: Prepare What You’ll Need

You don’t really need that much just your regular nail polish remover, the one you are comfortable using and few cotton balls and that’s it.

Step 2: Unroll the Cotton Ball

Find the end of the roll with your finger and pick it apart so you have one long strip of cotton.

Trivia: Cotton ball is a strip of cotton rolled up to make a ball. Interesting fact right?

Step 3: Tear the Cotton into Smaller Pieces

From the one long strip that you have, tear the strip into ten smaller pieces enough to cover your whole nail. You can actually get a lot from one strip so better yet keep the other half for other purpose.

Step 4: Apply and Let the Nail Polish Remover Sit

Pour some nail polish remover into the cap or if you have a container with wider mouth that would be good since some cover are too tiny to fill in the finger. Dip a strip into the nail polish remover until the cotton is saturated but not to the point of dripping wet.

Put the wet strip of cotton onto your nail firmly so that it will stay in place and repeat for the rest of your fingernails. Let it sit for a minute or two once you are done.

Step 5: Removal

After letting it sit for a couple of minutes, remove the strips slowly by pushing them off the ends of your nail. Apply a bit of pressure at the nail bed to make sure that the DC nail polish will be removed and push the cotton toward the tip. You’ll notice that the polish comes off pretty easily.

If the cotton sticks on your nail, chances are there is no enough nail polish remover on the cotton. Dab more remover onto the cotton and let it sit a little longer.

You will notice that the polish took off almost easily even if you applied two coats. It will only take you few minutes and there is no need to scrub your nails and add more damage. SNS nails are easy to remove but it lasts longer on nails making it an instant favourite among nail salons and even those who love making their own nails at home.