How Do You Choose Between Gel and Acrylic Nails?

Would you love to have a manicure that lasts longer than the average nail polish? The answer is an emphatic YES. Who wouldn’t like the manicure to extend to more than three to four weeks? It saves the trouble of applying nail polish frequently. Besides consuming time, frequent nail polish applications can damage the nails by exposing them to harmful chemicals like acetone.

When searching for long-lasting manicures, the first names that come to mind are acrylic dip nails and gel manicures. Which is the better alternative among the two? Let us discuss the benefits of both these manicures to understand the perfect choice. It will also help you choose between gel and acrylic nails.

Gel and Acrylic Nails

What Are Acrylic Dip Nails?

Acrylic nails are not something new that has been discovered recently. The manicure has been there for a long time. However, some improvements make acrylic nails a worthy competitor to gel nails. One such benefit is the use of acrylic nail extensions.

Acrylic nail products comprise a chemical composition of a monomer liquid and polymer powder that is spread over the natural nail using a small brush. This combination strengthens the nails and makes them look attractive, as well. Besides, the wholesale acrylic powder is available in an extensive range of colors to suit every skin tone, occasion, attire, and season.

The procedure starts with preparing the nails for the acrylic manicure. The filing and the cutting techniques are standard for all manicures. However, the difference with acrylic nails is that you do the filing on the artificial nail. The advantage is that you can have it in whatever shape you want. Some people love the pointed nail look, whereas others for the rounded tips. The almond-shaped nail is widespread, and so are square nails. Thus, we can say that you can choose the nail shape you prefer. This benefit is not available with the natural nail manicures like dip powder and gel polish.

Once you complete the prepping, you can apply the basecoat to help the wholesale acrylic powder adhere to the nail surface. Then you need not wait for the basecoat to dry. Instead, you can apply the polish color from the extensive range of colors on display. When applying color, we advise you to apply it in straight stokes moving from the base towards the edges. It helps uniform application, especially at the spot where the artificial nail sticks to the natural nail. Next, allow this coat to dry under the fan. Finally, apply the topcoat layer to seal the powder and polish securely. If you need a glossy finish, you can have multiple topcoat layers. Otherwise, you can settle for a matte finish. Either way, the nails look beautiful.

Benefits of acrylic dip nails

The advantage of acrylic powder colors is that they last longer than most manicures, including gel and dip powder manicures.

Secondly, acrylic nails are best for people with short nails. The extensions combine beautifully with the natural nails and make them look elongated.

Acrylic nails are convenient to apply and remove. Though the procedure takes longer than other manicures, it is one of the easiest to master. Besides, acrylic nail manicures are the least expensive of all manicures.

What Are Gel Nails?

Gel nails are different because the process requires drying the nail polish layers under a UV lamp. However, gel nails are amongst the most beautiful nails because of the lustrous colors available with gel polish.

As usual, the procedure is easy, as it begins with the prepping part. Then, the basecoat application is the next one, followed by the gel polish application. Finally, you have the topcoat application and complete the manicure. Thus, this process is among the easiest of all manicures.

The only disadvantage with gel polish manicures is the exposure to UV radiation after every layer application. It includes the basecoat, the gel polish, and the topcoat applications.

However, the pluses include beautiful nail finishes, exotic color combinations, and durability. In addition, gel manicures can last comfortably for two to three weeks.

Which Is the Better Option?

Nail polish is a matter of individual choice. One person can like the gel manicure, whereas another might relish the acrylic nail procedure. If you are looking at the attraction quotient, gel nails can be better than acrylic dip nails. But if you look for durability and stability, nothing can beat the acrylic dip nails. These nails do not break or snap even when you perform challenging tasks like opening container lids, washing utensils, rummaging through your handbags, etc.

Final Thoughts

If beauty is foremost on your mind, we suggest you go for a gel manicure. But, if durability is the prime concern, acrylic dip nails are the best option. You get an extensive range of wholesale acrylic powder to cater to the glam quotient.