Why Gel Soak-off Polish Is a Better Choice

Gel soak-off polish is not much different from the traditional gel polish you apply to your nails. The application method is the same, with the polish layer requiring curing under a UV lamp for around two minutes. If you go for the LED light curing procedure, the curing time is around 30 seconds for each layer.

It indicates that the previous layer should be entirely dry before proceeding with the next coat. Compared to the traditional nail polish that remains sticky for extended periods, the gel polish manicure dries quickly.

Why Gel Soak-off Polish Is a Better Choice

So, should you go for the traditional polish or gel-soak off polish when you choose your gel polish brands? First, let us see why the soak-off gel polish is a better choice than its competitors.

Benefits of Soak-off Gel Polish

Here are the advantages of using soak-off gel polish.

It lasts much longer than traditional nail polish

One of the critical advantages of soak-off gel polish is that it lasts comfortably without chipping or tearing for up to three weeks. Besides, the polish does not lose its shine and remains as fresh as it was on the day you had your manicure. Secondly, soak-off gel polish has a unique lightweight formula that gives your hands a natural feel. Finally, you can have the gel soak off polish in thin layers to enhance the long-lasting effect. (more…)