Seven Perfect OPI Gel Colors for Medium and Deep Skin Tones

Choosing the perfect nail manicure can be tricky because you must consider various aspects. They include the season, your attire, the occasion, most importantly, your skin tone. Not every woman in the world has milky white skin to carry off the brightest snail polish shades with ease. Many women have medium to deep shades that require you to choose your matching OPI gel colors carefully. Fortunately, the OPI gel OPI color chart has the most extensive range of colors. Here are some perfect colors that suit women with medium and deep skin tones.

Best OPI Gel Colors for Medium and Deep Skin Tones

The Cobalt Blue – A favorite color

Best OPI Gel Colors for Medium and Deep Skin Tones

Generally, women with deep skin tones do not prefer darker tones because they do not provide the perfect contrast. However, it is incorrect, as evident from the cobalt blue shade that looks gorgeous on women with medium to dark skin colors.

Cobalt blue is an excellent choice because it suits almost all dresses. These hues work practically all seasons and occasions, making it versatile. This shade should be ideal if you wish to have a French manicure. You can have the traditional French manicure with the white bordering the blue base or try out variations with the cobalt blue at the edges and a nude base.

This shade has a beautiful metallic sheen that glows beautifully and makes you the center of attention wherever you go.

The Hunter Green – A trendy choice

Best OPI Gel Colors for Medium and Deep Skin Tones

Just as the cobalt blue does not give a contrasting look, the hunter green is trendy for people with light-medium to deep skin tones. In addition, the olive finish is a classic color because it delivers a festive look.

The advantage of this shade is that it resembles a luxurious emerald look to add to your elegance. In addition, this hunter green shade is perfect if you select the ombre look because you can have a lighter hue as a complementing shade to make your nails look trendier.

The Tangy Orange – Add a splash of color

Best OPI Gel Colors for Medium and Deep Skin Tones

While some people consider the darker blues and greens as moody shades, the tangy orange should come like a breath of fresh air. Generally, the darker shades are ideal for the winter months, but you have to switch to the brighter hues as the temperature rises. So, the tangy shades cheer your face as you look at your nails every time.

The best aspect of orange is its mood-boosting quality. This OPI gel color is the perfect pastel color that brightens up your deep skin tone without looking neon. Orange is the perfect color to wear as the season transitions from winter to spring and then summer. Your OPI color chart offers various orange shades, from mild to tangiest.

The Nude Pinks – The most neutral shade of all

Best OPI Gel Colors for Medium and Deep Skin Tones

If you feel that the orange is too bright for your comfort, the nude pinks should be the right choice. The favorite pink shade is a game-changer because you have an exciting range of pinks. You can go from the lightest peach shades to deep options depending on your skin color. The creamy pinks give a bold appearance and make your nails look classy.

Whites can deliver a pristine look

Best OPI Gel Colors for Medium and Deep Skin Tones

The best aspect of having medium to dark skin tones is comfortably carrying off the milky white shades. The white provides the ideal contrast to your skin. Thus, your nails become the center of attention every time you have the white base. Besides, the white background allows you to have exciting nail designs with exotic colors.

Give yellows a try

Best OPI Gel Colors for Medium and Deep Skin Tones

If you wish to experiment with your OPI gelcolor, you should be trying out the yellow shades as the perfect alternative to your whites. Yellow is a multi-dimensional color because you can try out a range of fantastic shades ranging from citrus colors to the deepest ochre hues.

Stay away from black. Instead, try the greys

Best OPI Gel Colors for Medium and Deep Skin Tones

Your dark skin tone is not ideal for having black manicure gel. You can try out the grayish tones instead. Wearing black shades highlights your skin tone more because it does not contrast well with it. However, mixing a bit of white color gives it a grey finish. This color should look incredible on your nails. Depending on your skin tone, you can brighten or darken the greys accordingly.

Final Thoughts

We have discussed seven beautiful color shades that should match people with medium to dark skin tones. The OPI gel OPI color chart is the best place to search for the perfect hues to match your skin color. Then, wear the appropriate color and show off your beautiful nails on social media. The ideal combination should generate the number of likes and shares.