Why Gel Soak-off Polish Is a Better Choice

Gel soak-off polish is not much different from the traditional gel polish you apply to your nails. The application method is the same, with the polish layer requiring curing under a UV lamp for around two minutes. If you go for the LED light curing procedure, the curing time is around 30 seconds for each layer.

It indicates that the previous layer should be entirely dry before proceeding with the next coat. Compared to the traditional nail polish that remains sticky for extended periods, the gel polish manicure dries quickly.

Why Gel Soak-off Polish Is a Better Choice

So, should you go for the traditional polish or gel-soak off polish when you choose your gel polish brands? First, let us see why the soak-off gel polish is a better choice than its competitors.

Benefits of Soak-off Gel Polish

Here are the advantages of using soak-off gel polish.

It lasts much longer than traditional nail polish

One of the critical advantages of soak-off gel polish is that it lasts comfortably without chipping or tearing for up to three weeks. Besides, the polish does not lose its shine and remains as fresh as it was on the day you had your manicure. Secondly, soak-off gel polish has a unique lightweight formula that gives your hands a natural feel. Finally, you can have the gel soak off polish in thin layers to enhance the long-lasting effect.

Comparatively faster drying time

Using LED lamps for drying your soak-off gel polish is better than traditional UV lamps. Curing under a UV lamp can take up to two minutes for a single coat. The LED light hastens the process and completes the drying in 2 to5 seconds per layer. While it is necessary for each layer to be cured, it does not take much time. The traditional acrylic nail polishes take a considerable time to dry completely.

Much safer on your nails than other manicures

Many people think that soak-off gel polish can damage the nail bed or weaken it. However, it is not so. If you follow the right procedure for applying the gel soak off polish, there should not be an issue because they are safe for your nails. The best gel nail polish brands contain a unique formula to provide additional strength to your nails and prevent them from chipping off. At the same time, you should also follow the perfect procedure for nail polish removal.

Having a touch-up procedure is easy

Nail manicures require frequent touch-ups because the natural nail keeps growing from the bottom. As the nail grows, it pushes the nail polish layer towards the edges. Hence, you require a touch-up to maintain the desired finish. With dipping powder, it is challenging to have the right touch-ups. However, soak-off gel polish is different because you can have the touch-up at any time without any difficulty.

No bad odors as acrylic nails

If you have ever tried to get an acrylic nail extension, you will realize that it has a strong odor. As a result, many people find it nauseating and feel dizzy when inhaling the fumes. On the other hand, gel soak-off polish is odorless. Besides, it does not have harmful chemicals that can harm your nail surface.

One of the easiest removal process

Gel polish has a long-lasting formula that can make the removal procedure tough. Unfortunately, you need to use the acetone soak method that can harm your nails by dehydrating and making them brittle. However, you can explore other ways of removing soak-off gel polish, like using the Nail Steamer of Gel Polish Removal Wraps. The best part of it all is that you can do these procedures at home without causing any damage to your nails.

Have the manicure at home

One of the most critical benefits of gel soak-off polish is that you can apply it at home without visiting the salon. However, you will need some practice, especially when it comes to curing your nails under the UV/LED lamp. Thus, you save time, labor, and money. Besides, having the nail manicure at home is beneficial in times of the pandemic. The top gel polish brands come with soak-off gel kits to make the procedure easier.

Get a professional look and have a great time on social media

The soak-off gel manicure delivers a shinier look than other manicures like dipping powder or acrylic. Thus, you can go for a professional look and proudly exhibit your nails on your social media handles.

Final Words

We have discussed the various benefits of soak-off gel polish nails. Hence, there should not be confusion in your minds when choosing the right manicure for yourself. We have an extensive range of gel polish brands you can use to get the best gel soak-off polish on your nails. So, have a great time using soak-off gel polish and be the proud owner of the most beautiful nails ever.