7 Easy To Make Tie-Dye Nail Art Designs Perfect For Spring

Spring is here and everything is blooming. To match your spring outfit rock these easy to tie-dye nail art designs that is as vibrant as the season. Although many people consider tie-dye as a granola-crunching, hippie dippie, pot-related kind of look, this dynamic design evokes a feeling of nostalgia that is why many people still choose to wear this style. From dresses, t-shirts, bags, shoes and now nails the swirly sentimental style is trending right now.

Tie-Dye Nail Art Designs

Get your creative juices and get ready to rock this cool look this spring season with these super cool collection of tie-dyed digits to inspire your next beauty DIY.

1. Unicorn Tie-Dye

Unicorn is one of those mythical creatures loved by women of all ages. It’s colorful, vibrant and reminiscent of our childhood days. The technique may look complicated but it is really easy to re-create. Just use the right colors and you can have your own unicorn design on your nails.

2. Glittered Tie-Dye

One good thing about tie-dye is that no one can do the same design so whatever you come up with is all yours. You don’t really need to be artistic to be able to come up with a good design and if you are feeling extra artsy, you can put glitters on your nails and it will be super glam in an instant.

3. Nail Dipping Powder Tie Dye

When we hear the word nail dipping powder, we might think it is a complicated product to use especially in tie-dye but it is the contrary. It is very easy to use and it gives a long lasting mani that could stand the whole season. By simply using DND DC gel nail polish brush, you can create a tie-dye look that is perfect for daily wear.

4. Middle School T-shirt Tie-Dye

You cannot deny the fact that you have had one of those hippie t-shirt on middle school. It must be your favorite shirt back then. You can re-create that look by breaking out from the classic swirl and go with a choppy, smudged on design that mimics your favorite middle school T-shirt.

5. Foiled Tie-Dye

Yeah tie-dye alone is colorful enough but you can still put a twist on that look by adding foil before applying your top coat. The combination of texture, color, and design would make for the prettiest of nail looks this season.

6. Milky Way Tie-Dye

There is nothing as mesmerizing as the Milky Way on a silent spring night. Re-create this look by combining black and white on your nails and by using a stick or brush, you can make a tie-dye effect. If you have star glitters then much better and you’ll have the entire galaxy on your hand.

7. Jamaican Tie-Dye

Green, Yellow, Red and Black screams Jamaican and the look popularized by Bob Marley can be done easily on your nails by combining the said colors. Rock this look if you’re feeling kinda reggae.