How Does DND Gel Work

DND gel which is also known as Daisy Nail Design is one of the most popular gels around. Many people are preferring to use it to enhance the look on their nails while at the same time having strong nails. It is said to be far more amazing than the other kind of polishes that people use. More innovations have also been made in the Daisy Nail Designs where you can have a perfectly looking coat without even applying the base coat. Have you been wondering how does DND gel work?

How Does DND Gel Work

When you acquire a DND gel, you will realize that with only two coats, you will have a perfect look and at the same time save a lot of time and money that you could have spent going for another kind of polishes. You will also realize that these coats will be on your nails for not less than 3 weeks which is unlike many of the other typical polishes. You also do not have to worry about where to get the DND gels since the sellers have a website where you can buy the products directly and have them shipped to you. You can also get DND products from other stores or even resellers which makes it easy to find. Many salons also have the DND gels for anyone who prefers them.

How It Works

So how do these daisy nail designs work? The kind of manicure that you will go through is simple and very straightforward. It is so easy that you can have it at home or even at your friend’s place hence you do not need to go to the salon for it. Initially, you have to understand that for every manicure, you have to prepare your nails by cleaning and buffing them. The essence of this is to ensure that there are no materials that the gel can hold on leading to chipping of the nails before the stipulated time this would be shameful to just mess with a manicure for not washing your nails. You can do this using a nail file and ensure that you remove any material that can lead to distraction.

The second step involves applying the initial colour coat on the nails. Make sure that this coat is thin enough. Do not apply a thick layer because it might accumulate at the base of the nails leading to a thick layer that chips of immediately when it is exposed to LED or UV light. When you apply this layer, you are supposed to cure it under UV light for 2 minutes or under the LED light for 30 seconds. This will ensure that the layer is hard and staunch enough and that it perfectly adheres to the nail surfaces allowing the second layer to settle in a more perfect way. You should make sure that you cure this initial layer within the stated time before applying the second layer if you want your manicure to be as fascinating as you want

When you are done with the first layer, apply the second layer colour gel layer. Make sure that this is also thin enough to prevent the excess gel from settling at the base of the nails. Having a thick layer will eventually chip off when exposed to the UV or LED light. To finish up, you need to apply the top gel coat and cure it under a lamp. Using a pad or a lint-free wipe, remove the sticky materials that remain after applying the gel. If you have noticed, you do not need the base coat. It is just the colour coat and the top coat and you will have the perfect manicure that you wanted for at least three weeks. When applying, you will also realize that DND gel polish id odour free. It is also easy to spread over the nails without running all over and pouring like the other nail polishes. Its remove will also last for only 20 minutes when dipped in acetone.


DND gel polish will always give you the perfect look that you have ever longed to get from any manicure. Have you been tired of local lacquers? You now have the opportunity to try the new and trending DND gel polish for the best results. You can apply it at home or wherever you want within the minimum time possible hence making it better for those with a busy time schedule.