Best Care Tips for Bald Head

Have a bald head? Take care of it more than any haired head. Be it in terms of shampoo or other factors, just be caring. The reason is straightforward. Your scalp just needs more love! So, from next time, whenever you are thinking of bald head care, follow these tips religiously.

Care Tips for Bald Head

Protect Your Scalp from the Sun

Give a shield to your scalp and protect it from the sun. Burnt and bald isn’t fun! Hair keeps your protected and warm, but when you don’t have hair, you need to think a bit. The less amount of insulation on top may require you to put some sunscreen or hat.

Don’t Give up on Conditioner and Shampoo

If you are thinking to ditch conditioner and shampoo, it may be the worst decision you’ve ever made for your bald head. Dirt and oil can still build up for bald scalp, so it’s for sure a wrong decision. For the purpose, you must go for specific best bald shampoo. Although body wash and soap may look like an easy option, they have a drying effect.

So, it’s better to be particular here. These products are made keeping in mind the requirements of a bald head. (more…)

7 Easy To Make Tie-Dye Nail Art Designs Perfect For Spring

Spring is here and everything is blooming. To match your spring outfit rock these easy to tie-dye nail art designs that is as vibrant as the season. Although many people consider tie-dye as a granola-crunching, hippie dippie, pot-related kind of look, this dynamic design evokes a feeling of nostalgia that is why many people still choose to wear this style. From dresses, t-shirts, bags, shoes and now nails the swirly sentimental style is trending right now.

Tie-Dye Nail Art Designs

Get your creative juices and get ready to rock this cool look this spring season with these super cool collection of tie-dyed digits to inspire your next beauty DIY.

1. Unicorn Tie-Dye

Unicorn is one of those mythical creatures loved by women of all ages. It’s colorful, vibrant and reminiscent of our childhood days. The technique may look complicated but it is really easy to re-create. Just use the right colors and you can have your own unicorn design on your nails. (more…)

How to Remove SNS Nails in 5 Easy Steps

A lot of girls love painting their nails but hate it when it comes to removing it especially glitter-based and dark polishes that is tough to get off. If you don’t end up picking up the last polish in your nail, you end up damaging your nails. There are some nail polishes that are so hard to remove and once you do, they left a yellow tint in your nails that are equally hard to remove. We created a list on how to remove your SNS Nails without taking much effort and damage your nails like scrubbing at them will.

Remove Nails in 5 Easy Steps.jpg

Step 1: Prepare What You’ll Need

You don’t really need that much just your regular nail polish remover, the one you are comfortable using and few cotton balls and that’s it.

Step 2: Unroll the Cotton Ball

Find the end of the roll with your finger and pick it apart so you have one long strip of cotton.

Trivia: Cotton ball is a strip of cotton rolled up to make a ball. Interesting fact right?


How Does DND Gel Work

DND gel which is also known as Daisy Nail Design is one of the most popular gels around. Many people are preferring to use it to enhance the look on their nails while at the same time having strong nails. It is said to be far more amazing than the other kind of polishes that people use. More innovations have also been made in the Daisy Nail Designs where you can have a perfectly looking coat without even applying the base coat. Have you been wondering how does DND gel work?

How Does DND Gel Work

When you acquire a DND gel, you will realize that with only two coats, you will have a perfect look and at the same time save a lot of time and money that you could have spent going for another kind of polishes. You will also realize that these coats will be on your nails for not less than 3 weeks which is unlike many of the other typical polishes. You also do not have to worry about where to get the DND gels since the sellers have a website where you can buy the products directly and have them shipped to you. You can also get DND products from other stores or even resellers which makes it easy to find. Many salons also have the DND gels for anyone who prefers them. (more…)