The Best Gel Nail Color Brand for You

The OPI brand is iconic. It is well known for its high-quality gel polishes and the wide range of colors available. The brand has made its name with the durability and the beautiful finish created by its nail polishes, gels and lacquers.

The Best Gel Nail Color Brand for You

What are OPI gel nail colors?

According to their website, OPI’s gel nail polish is officially known as “Gel  soak-off Gel Lacquer”. It claims that “a gel manicure is a coat of colored gel which looks deceptively similar to nail polish, with a thin brush-on formula designed for high performance and a glossier finish in comparison to regular nail polish.” An OPI gel finish manicure will last for up to three weeks, proving the high standards of this brand’s products. All of the OPI gel nail colors have names in addition to their eye-catching shades, making this range an utter delight. The brand sells not only gel lacquers but also top sealers and nail primers, almost everything you need for a perfect manicure. If you’re just beginning your OPI nail journey, a good place to start would be with a gel polish kit. One of the basic gel polish kits available is the OPI Gel color Gel Nail Polish Iconic Starter Kit, which contains: Top Coat and Base Coat, 6 colored gel lacquers, bonder, remover, blank nail palette.

This kit is easily available on The most important thing to note is that an LED lamp is not available along with this kit. All gel lacquers need an LED light to cure properly and so an LED lamp will have to be purchased separately. Nevertheless, this kit is excellent as it contains everything you need for a basic manicure, as well as six full bottles of gel color lacquer.

How to apply OPI Gel color soak-off Gel lacquer

Prep your nails: Nails can be prepped by buffing them lightly to remove any imperfections on the nail surface. Then, wipe down the nails with some nail cleanser to remove excessive oils. If these oils are not removed, they’ll prevent the nail gel from sticking to the nail bed. Once this is done, apply a good quality nail primer as well. A good option is OPI Bond-Aid, which aids optimum adhesion by bringing the surface of the nail to natural PH levels.

Applying a base coat: The base coat must be a single layer of the gel base. Be careful not to apply more than one layer as this will prevent proper drying of the base. Paint the nails with upward strikes. Do not apply the base coat on the cuticles. Once the first layer is applied, cure it under the UV light for a couple of minutes until fully hard.

Applying the gel nail color: The next step is to apply your chosen nail color. Apply a single layer of gel nail color and allow it to cure under UV light. You can then paint on a second layer, and after that to cure as well, add any designs or patterns you wish to on your newly cured nails. After decorating your nails, be sure to cure them under the UV light once more.

Apply a topcoat: The final step to complete your gel nail manicure is to apply a thin layer of a clear topcoat to protect and seal your nails. Cure it under the UV light for the last time, and your homemade gel polish manicure is done!

Clean Nails: The top layer of the nails are wiped with an alcohol wipe for a clean finish.

OPI Gel Color soak-off Gel Lacquer Collection

The OPI gel nail polish kit collection is available with a variety of colors and finishes, in order to suit your tastes and occasions. The options for gel nail lacquer finishes are Glitter, Pearl, Sheer, Shimmer and Crème. There are also sixteen nail lacquer collections available for your perusal. Some of the most popular shades of OPL soak-off Gel Lacquers are:

You’re Such a Budapest (Periwinkle)

Rub-a-Pub-Pub (Slate Gray)

Alpine Snow (White)

My Private Jet (rich Brown shade with Gray undertones and shimmer finish)

No Tan Lines (Sunset Orange)

We the Female (Deep Red)

La Paz-itively Hot (Hot Pink with cool blue undertones)

Lucky Lucky Lavender (Light Purple)

Dulce de- leche (Creamy nude shade)

How to remove Gel Polish

Gel nail polish cannot be removed with nail polish remover. To remove gel nail polish, first carefully break the edges of your nail sealant. Then soak cotton in pure acetone and apply it to your nails. Allow your nails to soak in the ethanol until the gel polish dissolves. Once it dissolves, gently scrape it away from your nails. Do not try peeling off your nail polish. This will lead to damage to your nail bed.


OPI Gel Color soak-off Gel Nail colors are one of the most popular brands for gel colors. It has a wide range of shades for every occasion, with interesting names, finishes and color combinations. If you’re looking to get a gel nail manicure, buy OPI gel polish are of the best quality and are relatively affordable as well.