Best Care Tips for Bald Head

Have a bald head? Take care of it more than any haired head. Be it in terms of shampoo or other factors, just be caring. The reason is straightforward. Your scalp just needs more love! So, from next time, whenever you are thinking of bald head care, follow these tips religiously.

Care Tips for Bald Head

Protect Your Scalp from the Sun

Give a shield to your scalp and protect it from the sun. Burnt and bald isn’t fun! Hair keeps your protected and warm, but when you don’t have hair, you need to think a bit. The less amount of insulation on top may require you to put some sunscreen or hat.

Don’t Give up on Conditioner and Shampoo

If you are thinking to ditch conditioner and shampoo, it may be the worst decision you’ve ever made for your bald head. Dirt and oil can still build up for bald scalp, so it’s for sure a wrong decision. For the purpose, you must go for specific best bald shampoo. Although body wash and soap may look like an easy option, they have a drying effect.

So, it’s better to be particular here. These products are made keeping in mind the requirements of a bald head. (more…)